Copy of Our Story

handmade precious metal lighting


Dounia Home seeks to capture a slice of Morocco to share with the world. Our founder, designer Dounia Tamri-Loeper, was born and raised in Morocco and was influenced from an early age by its rich culture and artistic aesthetic. As a company committed to aesthetic authenticity, we focus on sourcing, developing, and making all our products in the heart of Morocco. The inspiring historical and artistic landscape provides us with endless possibilities to connect our customers to the essence of this amazing country.
handmade precious metal lighting

Social Impact

Our goal is to empower the artists behind our pieces. Our turn-around time is 4 to 9 weeks, allowing artisans to manage their time efficiently. Working directly with artisans allows us to cut out the middlemen, pay higher wages to artists, and hold them to our high standards while maintaining a competitive edge in the market-place. In this way, our pieces represent a connection from the hands of our artists to the homes of our customers.
our design process


Our design inspiration comes from a rich landscape of colors, textures, fixtures, and architecture dating back thousands of years. We carefully de-construct each element and build it back up to meet modern needs while preserving the exquisite details that make each piece so precious. Unlike many other regional importers of specialty lighting, our products are designed and developed by our team which makes it unique from other products on the market and is also UL approved.
our design process

Ethical Materials

We take great pride in the quality of the materials we use. We are very fortunate to source from a country rich in minerals, with an abundance of metals, This local sourcing further benefits the Moroccan economy while offering the highest quality materials to our customers.
handmade precious metal lighting


We want to celebrate and preserve the craftsmanship that shaped our history. With this in mind, we only work with artists who use traditional metal working techniques passed down through many generations. Our authentic, handcrafted pieces reflect the passion and commitment of Moroccan artisans to their craft, offering our customers both a taste of Moroccan tradition and a modern Moroccan aesthetic.
handmade precious metal lighting


We value the safety of our artists and value the safety of your home. We provide our artists safe working environments, and we ensure that all our products meet modern safety standards. Accordingly, all our lamps are UL approved.
led bulb technology

Smart Technology

It is important to us to marry our high-quality products with the latest eco-friendly energy saving solutions. For this reason, we offer the best-LED bulbs in the market to be purchased with our lamps.