Shams Chandelier - Dual Globe - Copper

$ 850


Shams chandelier, is a perfect example of traditional craftsmanship meeting modern geometry. Suspended from two cables, its two metal globes prove that symmetry can be achieved through simplicity and minimalism. The Nur Reversed Chandelier Light is ideal for modern living and dining rooms, home offices, as well as hospitality spaces.

Offered in four metals with a choice of small or medium sizes.

Our lamps come fully assembled, professional installation is required for hardwired chandeliers. You can download the instruction manual here.

If you have requested a chandelier with a plug, no installation is needed.



Handmade in Morocco by Master Craftsman Larbi 
80 Hours of Production Time


Copper Finish
(Custom Finishes available upon request) 
Rose Gold Color
Top Coat/Sealant
Primary Material is Solid Copper
Locally Sourced Materials


Shades Size Small 6.5" d x 6" h
Overall size 16" d x 6" h
Shades Size Medium 8.5" d x 8" h
Overall size 20" d x 8" h
(Custom sizes available upon request)
Canopy 5” d x 1" h
10' Long Black Fabric Cord

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