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Dounia Home x Khalida Toukkani

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between two powerhouses in the world of design and craftsmanship: Dounia Home and Khalida Toukkani. This dynamic partnership brings together the contemporary flair of Dounia Home with the rich cultural heritage and artistic vision of Khalida Toukkani to create a collection of stunning rugs that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity.

Dounia Home, known for its exquisite lighting fixtures and home decor inspired by Moroccan craftsmanship and design, joins forces with Khalida Toukkani, a talented Moroccan artist celebrated for her mastery of traditional weaving techniques and intricate patterns. Together, they bring a fresh perspective to the world of rugs, infusing each piece with a unique blend of innovation, elegance, and cultural authenticity.

The Collaboration

In this collaboration, expect to see a captivating fusion of contemporary design elements with a Moroccan flair, bold colors, and luxurious textures. Each rug in the collection tells a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and creativity, reflecting the shared vision and passion of Dounia Home and Khalida Toukkani for celebrating the beauty of Moroccan artistry.

the Materials

High-quality materials are essential for crafting durable and luxurious rugs. Khalida Toukkani carefully selects premium 100% live wool that is then hand dyed in an array of colors to bring her designs to life.

the weaving

The weaving process begins as the weaver meticulously knots the weft yarns around the warp threads to create the foundation of the rug. Depending on the design and technique, different knotting styles such as the Ghiordes knot or the Senneh knot may be used.

Finishing touches

Once the weaving is complete, the rug undergoes a series of finishing touches to refine its appearance and texture. This includes trimming excess yarns, securing the edges, undergoing 3 washes as well as steaming the rug to enhance its luster and softness.

Custom capabilities

Khalida Toukkani will collaborate closely with you to translate your ideas and inspirations into custom rugs that serve as stunning focal points in your space, adding warmth, character, and soul to your home.

You can book a complimentary 30 min design session with khalida to bring your rug to life.