With the continuing success of the bohemian look, creating textural elements with offbeat materials is becoming a fun and fascinating way to add interest to any piece. This summer at NY Now, woven touches, fringes, and natural surfaces like bamboo and rattan were well represented. Brands like Selamat Designs exemplify the beauty that comes from natural finishes and well-made bohemian pieces.



Pattern play is also a trend on the rise as designers look to bold and eye-catching textiles to add flair. The austere modern look, albeit still popular, is making way for a new era of fun, energetic, and playful home styles. Whether it be florals or geometrics, everything from throw pillows to bedding to sofas are being decked out with expressive patterns. John Robshaw’s showcase of bedding and linens at this summer’s NY Now is a great example of this, where his textiles were sporting all sorts of bright colors (and perhaps even an elephant or two).



NY Now’s Handmade Global Design pavilion, showcasing over 150 global import resources, continues to be a popular destination for exhibitors, visitors, and buyers. It’s hard to resist the exotic look and storied nature of the goods found here. Randi Mohr, VP and NY Now Director, explains how the stories behind the companies and the artisans that hand craft items make them “truly inspiring.”

In the global design pavilion, exotic inspiration and unique materials come together in items like Anhad’s natural and hand-woven textiles, or Indika Import’s fair trade chimes and paper goods, to evoke the captivating ambience of far-off lands.



In this socially conscious day and age, sustainability is not just a trend; it is the way of the future. Designers and consumers are taking the hint and looking towards fair trade and sustainable practices as the new frontier in luxury. Minimizing environmental impact, using organic materials, and ensuring the well being of these brands’ artisans are what distinguish them from their competition. Business & Pleasure Co., a company that specializes in beach accessories, takes the sustainability trend in stride. Their beach tents, umbrellas, and accessories use eco-friendly wood from a world forestry certified producer to ensure the pieces are made in good conscience.




At this summer's NY Now, Nancy Fire and Betsy Karp gave one trend talk of interest, titled “The Sould and Science of Color.” Focusing on the emotions that colors provoke and how to harness that knowledge, this brings into focus how much color really means in design. In fact, some say that color alone determines up to 90% of a person’s initial assessment of a product.

That being said, one trend this year seems to be towards colors with deep definition and a more sultry impact, with matte black being the “it” color right now. Especially as we head towards fall and winter, deeper touches continue to inspire. Our lighting harnesses this popular trend with a deep gunmetal finish, while still ensuring sophistication and elegant luxury.