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Pro Tips // How to Set the Perfect Sconce Height

// SETTING THE HEIGHT FOR A READING LIGHT  To determine the mounting height, measure from the floor to the bottom of the shade — the sconce should be eye level when you are sitting on the bed. //  INSTALLING A BATHROOM LIGHT  In bathrooms, wall sconces are ideal for mirror lighting. White or off-white glass is best because the diffused light will permeate the entire space and the color of the light will be good for using the mirror. If you are using small sconces measure from the top of the mirror to one-quarter of the way down to establish your center mounting height.  

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Pro Tips // How to Hang Pendant Lights Above a Bar

TIP // 1  When hanging pendant lights above a bar or a kitchen counter, allow for 30 to 40 inches of air space between counter and the bottom of the pendants.This is the most practical height, especially for pendants used for task lighting. This height also allows enough room to avoid bumping into the lights while also providing ample light.  TIP // 2 Bar counters islands are typically long and straight, making them the ideal shape for the "rule of three" design concept. Place three identical pendant light fixtures over the bar counter, spaced evenly across the counter. The number of inches between the lights will vary based on how long your counter is, but a standard rule is to allow...

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Event // Galerie Nelly Wandji Paris

  Dounia Home is showing at the prestigious Nelly Wandji Gallerie in Paris France. This art Galerie is amongst the most famous galleries in the world. Located minutes away from  Palais de l'Elysee home to the president of France.  We are very proud to represent Moroccan lighting and craftsmanship in Paris. We are honored to show the world the exquisite work behind our products through our copper Shams and Mishal Pendants lights.    The "25 gifts from Africa" exhibit features the best of African products in the luxury market. From Leather and Kilim bags to modern babouche, tea, and clothing. Some of these brands are My Kilim, Zyne, Fundudzi, AAKS.      You can see more of the exhibit at Nelly Wandji Galerie at 93 Rue du Faubourg saint...

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