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Article: 5 Psychological Effects of Light

5 Psychological Effects of Light

5 Psychological Effects of Light

Light has the power to control our mood; be it associated with feeling uplifted or sad. Different types of light induces different emotions in the human brain. Lighting is visually instantaneous, that is the reason why it helps set the mood in various spaces. Are you curious to know how light affects our mood? Keep Reading!

Natural Light Evokes Happiness
Being exposed to sunlight helps the body get in sync with the natural circadian movements in the body, which means our system will know when to sleep and when to wake up. Not only this, but natural light also increases happy hormones and makes you feel less depressed. 

Bright Light Leads to Heightened Emotions
Be it negative emotions or positive feelings, brightly lit areas increase the intensity of your moods. 

Blue Light is for Energy
Blue light with shorter wavelengths and high energy makes people feel more productive and active. The cognitive brain requires blue emissions to function properly, hence it is always advised to be exposed to natural sunlight that contains blue light instead of pure white illumination. 

Stay Away from Blue Light at Night 
While it is extremely important to intake blue light in the daytime, during the night the situation changes completely! Blue emissions from smartphones and laptops decrease the production of sleep-inducing hormones which results in sleeplessness and insomnia. Hence, it is always advised to stay away from gadgets before bedtime or switch to reading mode to cause minimal damage. 

Light Affects the Appetite 
Lighting regulates the quantity of food we eat, how fast we eat it, and what kind of food we want to eat. In posh restaurants, dim ambiance leads to slower eating. Whereas in fast food chains, flashing interiors makes people eat faster!

Having healthy eyesight is very important. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy seeing the beauty around you!

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