How to Hang Pendant Lights in a Kitchen

Lighting is the jewelry of the home. It can totally ace your design style when done right! But with a plethora of design possibilities, it is normal to have confusion. So, here we have a 4 simple tips that you should follow to illuminate the kitchen in the most beautiful way!

1 // The Right Height is Key

How to Hang Pendant Lights in a KitchenMaintain 30-36 inches of space between the island top and the pendant. This is an ideal distance that will allow you a breathable area. Anything fixed at a lower height can make your kitchen claustrophobic and shorter pendants end up looking odd. 

Tip // To check if your height is correctly placed, sit on the stool, and look at the person standing right across. If the visibility is clear without any hindrance from the lampshade, the height is perfect!

2 // Consider The Right Spacing

How to Hang Pendant Lights in a KitchenAlways center the lights according to the island or dining table. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb than a weirdly placed light pendant. While using multiple pendants, leave equal spaces between them, and maintain a considerable distance from the walls. 


3// Create a Cohesive Look

How to Hang Pendant Lights in a KitchenHow much ever you love an extravagant chandelier, it is not going to look great with a modern minimal look. Similarly, a blown glass pendant doesn't flaunt traditional interiors. Therefore, it is very essential to choose lighting that enhances the color of the space or the metals finishes or the kitchen tiles used.


4// Use Complementary Fixtures

How to Hang Pendant Lights in a Kitchen

While modern lighting is all about creative pendants and chic chandeliers, don’t go all over the trend. Having too many lighting styles will create unnecessary drama and distract viewers from embracing their beauty. Always go for one statement piece of lighting and then install the rest of the lights to complement it. 

These simple tips will help you create a stunning kitchen that will make all your guests drool!

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