5 Tips to Romantic Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is like a personal sanctuary where people like to spend most of their time. Bedrooms are multifunctional spaces where various activities take place including studying, working, sleeping, and so much more. Therefore, it is essential to have a solid lighting system to assist you throughout. These are our pro tips to keep in mind while working on the lighting plan for your bedroom.


1// Take Care of the Task Lights 

kora_trio_lifestyleDepending on your usage assign enough task lights in the bedroom. If you have a reading spot, a floor lamp would help you accentuate the nook. Also, providing lights inside the wardrobe will punctuate the look and flaunt its design even more. 

2// Create a Dramatic Effect

najma pendant light Having a statement pendant light right above the bed can transform the entire bedroom. A good quality chandelier makes the room look luxurious and opulent. 

3// Ditch the Traditional Lighting
Opting for wall-hung bedside lamps or sconces will add a personality to space. Similarly, you can install LED panel strips throughout the room as an accent lighting. 

4// Be Experimental

dounia home bedroom lighting Explore the lighting world and incorporate interesting light fixtures to illuminate the room. Try to switch lampshades and you will notice how stunning your bedroom will look. 

5// Use Decorative Lighting 

moroccan shadow casting light  by dounia home najma trellis bedroom bathroom Setting up a cozy and comfortable vibe inside the bedroom is very important. Be it a shadow casting light or a wall sconce, these mood setting elements are perfect for a date night or when you just want to cuddle in your bed while reading a book. 

Lighting is all about adding a glimpse of coziness and luxury to the room. Get inspired by these ideas and give your bedroom a lighting makeover! 

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