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Marrakech Candle -  TerracottaMarrakech Candle -  Terracotta
Marrakech Candle - IvoryMarrakech Candle - Ivory
Raffia Reed DiffuserRaffia Reed Diffuser
Raffia Reed Diffuser Sale price$ 60.00
Najma Brass Inlay Tray - Set of 2Najma Brass Inlay Tray - Set of 2
Sabra Candle JasmineSabra Candle Jasmine
Sabra Candle Jasmine Sale price$ 50.00
Tassel CandleTassel Candle
Tassel Candle Sale price$ 50.00
Raffia Candle OrientalRaffia Candle Oriental
Rafia Candle - Set of twoRafia Candle - Set of two
Tassel Candle - Set of TwoTassel Candle - Set of Two
Sabra Candle - Set of TwoSabra Candle - Set of Two
Rafia Candle AmberRafia Candle Amber
Rafia Candle Amber Sale price$ 50.00
Rafia Candle DatesRafia Candle Dates
Rafia Candle Dates Sale price$ 50.00
Rafia Candle Orange BlossomRafia Candle Orange Blossom
Rafia Candle VerbenaRafia Candle Verbena
Rafia Candle Verbena Sale price$ 50.00
Sabra Candle OudSabra Candle Oud
Sabra Candle Oud Sale price$ 50.00
Sabra Candle Orange BlossomSabra Candle Orange Blossom
Sabra Candle OrientalSabra Candle Oriental
Sabra Candle Oriental Sale price$ 50.00
Raffia TrayRaffia Tray
Raffia Tray Sale price$ 85.00
Tubkal Marble tray - multiple sizesTubkal Marble tray - multiple sizes
Kora Wood TrayKora Wood Tray
Kora Wood Tray Sale price$ 195.00
Wood tray longWood tray long
Wood tray long Sale price$ 160.00
Insence holderInsence holder
Insence holder Sale price$ 80.00
Toubkal Candle holder geometric - set of 2Toubkal Candle holder geometric - set of 2