Olive Wood Serving Boards

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Build the centerpiece charcuterie board with these wood serving boards. Available in gorgeous olive wood color, each board is carved by hand. Style separately or together as beautiful statement pieces for your kitchen.

Handmade by a group of artisans in Marrakech, Morocco, each piece is made from sustainably sourced wood. All made start to finish in a fair trade working environment.

SIZES 15" H x 7" W 

Handmade from high-quality walnut



We are committed to paying 
higher wages
 than the fair trade
standards, to preserve the craft and
ensure the continuity of the trade. 


Need additional information?
Email us at info@douniahome.com


SIZE 16” Diameter x 1” H   //   20” Diameter x 1” H 
MATERIALS -  Brass and Walnut
COLOR-  walnut
ORIGIN - Morocco


This wood is not dishwasher safe. Clean with damp soft cloth (i.e. avoid abrasive scrubbers).

Step 1: Gently wipe wood with cloth. 
Step 2: Use damp cloth until all residue is removed.
Step 3: Immediately dry with a soft cloth until free of all moisture

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