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Article: 5 Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger

5 Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger

5 Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger

Small spaces are easier to maintain, cozier in ambiance, and more convenient to keep organized. But when it comes to decorating, the fear of things getting congested can slow down this process. 

These simple tips and tricks will visually expand your room and create the illusion of more space? Yes, that’s actually possible — and, in that regard, here are 5 top ways to make a room feel bigger!


5 Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger

Image credit -  Sarah Fultz Interiors


The first (and most important) step to making a space feel bigger is ensuring the space is well-lit. This is because well-lit spaces appear to be more spacious and brighter.

During the day, you can unwind blinds and tie up drapes to allow in natural light. For the nighttime — and for folks who don’t have large windows — getting creative with lighting will do the trick. 


5 Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger

Image credit - Dounia Home 
Product featured - L / Zana Pendant light in 12" Gunmetal Finish - R / Najma Pendant in 12" Gunmetal finish


Incorporating creative light fixtures, is a small change that makes a massive difference.

From pendant lights and chandeliers to wall sconces and flush mounts, there are a plethora of lighting options to choose from. Use these together in coherence, distributing the light sources all across your space instead of using a single, central one.

The well-lit space you create as a result will instantly feel roomier than its dark counterpart!

5 Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger

Image credit -  L/ Stephanie Aloe - R/ Dounia Home - Product featured: Warda Pendant Light in 20" Polished Brass.


Light colors and neutral color palettes make a room look bigger and brighter. This is because they are more reflective, making your space feel airy and open. This maximizes the benefits of natural light.

On the other hand, dark colors absorb light and tend to make spaces look constricted. So, opt for light hues for your walls, such as beige, white, and caramel. If you’re looking to add a lot of color, use bright-hued decor.

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Image credit - Left / Dounia Home - R/ scandinavian.interior


Strategically mounting mirrors onto the walls helps effectively reflect light, making the room feel bigger. The views seen through large mirrors also create an illusion of more depth.

Use mirrors on walls opposite windows and near light sources. You can also opt for floor mirrors. Make sure the view reflected through them is worthy, though!

minimal space using kone pendant light by dounia home

Image credit - Left / Dounia Home featuring Koba Pendant Light - R/ kf interior


Clutter and spaciousness can never go hand in hand. In fact, nothing makes a space feel more cramped than an accumulation of knick-knacks. 

So, get rid of the items you no longer need and only display decor items that truly reflect your personality and spark joy like the famous Marie Kondo said. This applies to the walls, too — don’t fill them with too much artwork!

And just like that, your small room will feel bigger than it actually is. Have you tried any of these? Share your experience in the comments below!

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