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Article: Small Changes To Make Your Home More Sustainable

Small Changes To Make Your Home More Sustainable

Small Changes To Make Your Home More Sustainable

When you make your home more sustainable, you contribute to the well-being of our planet. You also save resources and create a healthier space for you and your loved ones.

And if solar panels are not an option, fret not! We’ve put together 4 easy ways to make your home more sustainable, so you can get an eco-friendly home in no time.

dounia home glass canisters


Only 9% of plastic produce gets recycled, which means the rest goes to landfills. So, you should ideally avoid — or minimize — its use in the home.

You can get started by working in small steps. A little creativity here would really do the trick! For example, replace your plastic containers with glass jars — you may want to check our our adorable collection if you’re on the hunt for glass jars that double as decor, too.

If you use plastic containers to store jewelry or hold makeup brushes, you can repurpose our candle vessels and use them for storage. Remember, anywhere you replace plastic with other materials is a win.


doy candle eco friendly glass jar reusable

Paraffin wax candles release black soot while burning, leaving residue in the air. Replacing these with soy wax candles, that burn cleaner and result in minimal soot, is a sustainable solution. 

Plus, soy wax candles burn slower, meaning your candles will last you longer. Our candles at Dounia Home are built with high-quality soy and make for a fantastic addition to your home!

dounia home lighting pendant light nur brass globe and chandelier lila

Around 90% of the energy emitted from incandescent lighting gets wasted in the form of heat energy. This is incredibly inefficient and may have adverse impacts on your home. For example, it may cause overheating — and hence require higher power from your air-conditioning system.

It’s about time you throw out incandescent bulbs and install LED light bulbs, instead. These may have a higher upfront cost, but they last longer and save energy in the long run. 

Our Moroccan lighting collection at Dounia Home is an excellent choice in that regard; all fixtures are shipped with LED bulbs and are capable of making a design statement in your interior!


leather pouf ottoman leather seating table foot rest

Picking the right items for interior design also adds to the sustainability of your home. You can use multifunctional furniture to keep your space minimalist — another aspect of sustainability. 

For example, our ottomans can serve as the centerpiece of your living room (in place of a coffee table) and also double as seating space when the need arises. Additionally, focus on the window treatments. Installing curtains and blinds helps retain heat in winter and keep the sun out in summer.

By introducing the small changes listed in this blog post, you can create a more sustainable home. So, set up your plan and enjoy the process!

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