Dounia Home’s Pop-Up Shop In Washington DC — An Event For The Books!

In an attempt to expand our business, increase exposure to our products, and celebrate the skill of talented craftsmen, we, at Dounia Home, are excited to announce our next big event: a pop-up shop in collaboration with Maison de l'artisant in Washington DC! Delve into this blog post to learn all about it — from the details of the event to the dates.

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About The Event

Our pop-up shop is part of the country of Morocco celebrating its heritage and craft. It will be hosted for the semi-annual IMF conference in Washington, DC. From our award-winning lighting to sleek furniture items, many of our products will be displayed for the IMF members to view and appreciate as well as purchase.

There will be traditional Moroccan music to create an ambiance as talented artisans showcase their craft. And, of course, no event is complete without good food, so we will make sure there are delicious bites to enjoy.

Mark The Dates!

The dates for the big event are in the upcoming month, that is, October 10th to 16th. During the span of these seven days, we hope to showcase our products, share yummy meals, vibe to music, and appreciate artisans for their craft. As such, the dates are to be marked on calendars for experiencing an event one will reminisce about forever. 

We look forward to the presence of the members of the International Monetary Fund — Washington DC, here we come!

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