Dounia Home Lighting at Google HQ In Mountain View, CA

Our lighting fixtures at Dounia Home create a design statement of their own. They’re modern, sophisticated, made to last, all while being eco-friendly. These unique properties made them an ideal choice for the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.



The Google HQ is thoroughly a passive, eco-friendly building. This is the first time google leads the construction of its own HQ, while advancing and pushing the boundaries of the building industry toward more human centered, sustainable features. It took 8 years to complete, housing over 4000 employees and according to architectural record “Google has committed to 24/7 carbon-free energy operations worldwide by 2030 and, across Bay View’s all-electric campus, net-positive H2O performance, replenishing 120 percent of the water it consumes in this drought-prone region.“Google had the same high requirements and standards for its lighting fixtures.

Dounia Home lighting has been chosen because our products align with the google's sustainable efforts. Dounia Home's production is eco-friendly, it uses sustainable materials resulting in a lower carbon footprint and a healthier environment. The metal used in these fixtures is copper, which is  long-lasting, and 100% recyclable. The entire production process produces little to no waste, and the LED bulbs used are of the highest quality and are of the most efficiency.


Our Nur Reversed Pendant Light have been selected by the Heatherwick Studio design team to be part of the latest google HQ restaurant design. Five of these stunning and eco- friendly fixtures can be seen adorning the Mediterranean restaurant on the first floor over the main eating area in the latest Google headquarters in Mountain View.

dounia home lighting at google hq mountain viewPhotos © Bruce Damonte

Dounia Home's Nur Reversed Pendant Light has adorned the Google headquarters in this stunning Bay view campus — and has the potential to enhance the ambiance of your space, too! 

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