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Article: Dounia’s Guide To Layered Lighting

Dounia’s Guide To Layered Lighting

Dounia’s Guide To Layered Lighting

You are designing the room of your dreams. Furnishing, linens, accessories, colors, and textures are all on done to perfection. But your room still lacks that extra poise you so dearly wanted to achieve.

It would be devastating, right?

The world’s most celebrated interior designers, architects, and artists have one secret trick to tie a room’s decor together – layered lighting!

But layering lights can be a new skill for some. Here is Dounia’s guide to layered lighting that could spruce your room in no time!


When it comes to lighting, three different kinds can jazz up your interiors, and learning about them is essential before layering lighting in your interior:

1. Task Lights
These are the most practical types of lights – the ones you need to carry out your day-to-day tasks. Table lamps, cabinet LEDs, bathroom vanity lights, and kitchen pendant lights fall into this category.

2. Ambient Lights
These are the ones you use to light up your entire room. They ensure you don’t bump into your couch while cruising across your living room. A general, widespread, and bright light source can do the job. However, you can use any type of light fixture as an ambient light that illuminates your room adequately.

3. Accent Lights
Accent lights are purely for aesthetics. You can use them to bring parts of your room to the limelight. They're also called directional lights and are generally stronger than ambient lights.

Picture a train track lit by using strong light fixtures. Those are accent lights. Indoor accent lights include wall sconces flanking artwork, strategically placed lamps, picture lights, and recessed lights that wash down a wall.


Learning the types of lighting was easy – now comes the tricky part. How do you place your light fixtures to achieve an in-depth aura for your space?

Here are a few tricks:

Lights come in warmer temperatures (2700-3000K) or cooler ones (4000K or higher). You can choose either depending upon your room’s desired look.

An adept controlling mechanism will help you change the whole mood of the room. Using dimmers that help control light brightness will ensure your room is ready for dimly-lit romantic nights as well as well-lit parties.

If your room has giant windows and receives a lot of sunshine, it is a good idea to consider natural light while curating your lighting plan.

And that’s about it! Keep the information given in this blog post in mind and create an ambiance you’ll absolutely love spending time in.

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