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Article: How to Make a Dark Room Feel Lighter

How to Make a Dark Room Feel Lighter

How to Make a Dark Room Feel Lighter

Decorating a light-starved room can be tricky — but nothing a little design know-how can’t overcome! If you’re aiming to decorate a space that’s short on light, read right through to discover how you can make a dark room feel lighter. 

After all, the right lighting adds another dimension to the space and brings the design project to life!


It goes without saying that lighting plays an integral role in making a dark room feel lighter. To effectively achieve the purpose, blend together the different types of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting — including ceiling lights and wall-mounted fixtures
  • Task lighting — such as pendant lights over a reading nook or under-cabinet lighting
  • Accent lighting — including recessed lights to highlight artwork

Explore our range of light fixtures, perfect for both illumination and aesthetics, to find the ones that complement your space and fit your needs best!


Whether you have a massive window or a small opening in your room, opting for the right window treatments will make your space appear lighter. 

Ideally, you should go for light, airy options, such as linen drapes and easy-to-unwind blinds. These allow plenty of sunlight to enter your space and naturally lighten (and brighten) the room.


Making clever choices for your decor is another fantastic way to make a dark room feel lighter. Use shiny decorative items, such as a picture frame, decor tray, or mirrored pieces, to reflect the light in the room and make it brighter.


Your selection of furniture also plays a considerable role in brightening your space. Using stuffy furniture in dimly-lit rooms casts more shadows and makes the space look even darker. 

Make sure to purchase minimalist furniture that lies low on the ground. Set a specific height and make sure all furniture items remain below the set mark. Additionally, be sure to leave sufficient space between furniture items; this creates a more spacious look and allows for more lighting opportunities. Finally, pay heed to the materials you use — more on that below!


Bulky furniture and decor items can make your space feel even darker, so opt for transparent and translucent materials where you can. Unlike opaque materials, glass, acrylic, and lucite don’t obstruct the passage of light. Instead, they allow it to pass through (and ultimately, across the entire space)

Glass wall art, acrylic tables, and lucite chairs are fun ways to incorporate these elements into your interior.

Creating the illusion of more light can sure be tricky, but the top 4 ways listed above can help you do the job in a breeze — making your home feel bright, airy, and energizing!

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