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The visible grain texture and the pleasing soft feel of the finest leather in the world is the first thing you’ll notice when you experience this leather ottoman. The unaltered 1000-year-old handmade techniques of making leather from Goat Skin, not only make it more durable and flexible of all materials but its higher absorption of dye will bring out the richness of your living space.

leather drying in morocco

Every part of the Idra leather ottoman is a testimony of the handicraft being practiced in the Tanneries of Fez in Morocco which is one of the largest and the oldest to date. Every process of making this leather from tanners, dyers, and leather workers is completely natural and eco-friendly! They are washed in quicklime, salt, water, and naturally obtained ammonia to soften the leather. Moreover, the Dyes are made from local plants, and are brought alive with a beautiful palette in colors of the desert.dounia home leather ottomans in the making


The Idra Moroccan leather poufs with its rich, caramel hue and handcrafted details will add an authentic and luxurious look to your living areas. Available in three sizes, small medium and large mix together or let them shine solo.
depending on the size and scale of your room you can use the long one at the base of your bed or as a coffee table.


A bit of maintenance is required. You can simply clean and remove dust with a cotton cloth and totally refrain from using brushes. Also, remember to keep it out of direct sunlight or any heating object to avoid any unnecessary cracks or damage. Over time, you can also apply leather treatment if necessary!

The Idra Moroccan leather pouf is a great asset to your home and will definitely speak for itself as a part of its legacy! You can shop our selection here

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