How to use swag hooks for pendant lights

Lighting can’t be underestimated!

A beautiful lamp can really jazz up your space, also the manner with which it has been installed makes a great difference. You certainly want the cables to be tucked neatly on the ceiling, which is when the swag hook enters the room. 

What is a swag hook?
Swag hooks are used to manage the lighting cables on the ceiling. 

In the case of pendant lights and chandeliers, they are used to hang and control the drop height of the lamp from the ceiling.

Swag hooks are presently very popular in creating contemporary, sans false ceiling designs, creating a neat labyrinth of cables with lighting fixtures. 
Swag hooks find an interesting use in hanging decor and planters from the ceiling as well.
There are plenty of ways to accessorize your simple lights, or more so with functionality.


swag hook details dounia home These pretty charms are counter-weight balances that can be hung at variable lengths or the same distances between the swag hook and the lighting. Available in the same metal finishes to match with the lamp, not only does it help equalize the amount of weight on either side of the hook, but it also adds to the beauty of the lamp!swag hook sphere najma and hamsa


What to look for 
Ideally, you must choose the swag hook that supports more weight than the weight you are planning to suspend on it. So you need to make sure that the hook is installed on a flat surface, implying that the base is even on the surface.

swag hook fixture modern moroccan with counter weight

Swag hooks and balances are a smart solution to managing the lighting cables on the ceiling. With a wide variety of choices and easy installation, you can give your lamp and hence your space a significant makeover!

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