Pro Tips // How To Hang Wall Sconces

wall sconce handmade brass ball wall light


To determine the mounting height, measure from the floor to the bottom of the shade — the sconce should be eye level when you are sitting on the bed.

wall sconce handmade brass ball wall light


In bathrooms, wall sconces are ideal for mirror lighting. White or off-white glass is best because the diffused light will permeate the entire space and the color of the light will be good for using the mirror.

If you are using small sconces measure from the top of the mirror to one-quarter of the way down to establish your center mounting height.

 wall sconce handmade brass ball wall light

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Nice Post! A well-placed light fixture has the power to shape the way a room looks and feels. Wall sconces are not only a source of light, but it is a symbol of one’s style.

Woo-Lighting July 31, 2020

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