Pro Tips // How to achieve a global home decor

Are you someone who prefers understated neutrals and objects with natural, sophisticated finishes? Alternatively, are you after a more energetic or exciting space with bright colors and patterns? Determining how you want your space to look, or even how you want it to make you feel, will help you direct your search and dictate what your next steps will be.



It can be a mistake to commit too much to one theme or culture. Too much of a good thing can make a room come off as overdone. Instead, try mixing influences to create nice juxtaposition and keep your space tasteful. For instance, designer Lisa Lev paired a couple of mid-century modern chairs with an antique chest of drawers to keep things fresh and interesting.




You don’t have to stress over making every single thing in a room international. Sometimes, all it takes is a few key details to really make a room’s global inspiration pop. Adding a simple Moroccan-inspired geometric tile to a bathroom can create huge impact. Or, for a more uplifting touch, add a Moroccan pendant light for some North African modernity and luxuriousness. Overall, focus on curating a unique selection of inspired items to accomplish the look you desire.



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