Top Tips for Home Lighting

Lighting has always been a major part of interior design. It is a powerful tool that can absolutely transform the aura of the room as per your desirability. Depending on the specific functions taking place in a space can the type of lighting be determined. Whether it is a home office and you’re in search of task lighting or if it’s a dining room and you want to create a moody environment – thoughtful lighting definitely proves to be a necessity in a space.

Three basic types of lighting used in your interior spaces are ambient, accent, and task lighting. Let’s have a read below to know how they should be incorporated into your home.


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Ambient lighting comes into play when you want to create a cozy ambiance in your space. This type of lighting is intended to light up the room entirely while providing a uniform level of illumination independent of other light sources. It doesn’t target a source specifically, instead, aims to light up the entire area and provide a sense of safety and security. If you’re wondering how to incorporate ambient lighting in your homes, don’t worry! We have got your back. The simplest way is to use chandeliers, wall sconces and LED down-lights to attain the desired mood. 


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As the name suggests, accent lighting mainly focuses on a specific point of interest to highlight the function of the room. More or less, it is used to showcase a specific interior or architectural feature, art, decorative accents, plants, or collections. Also, remember to note that the installed accent lighting should be three times the ambient lighting to attain optimum balance.

To incorporate accent lighting, you could use track lights, wall-mounted fixtures, slimline bars, and recessed fixtures at a particular height to highlight the function. 


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Whether you are cooking in the kitchen, or reading a book in your bedroom, task lighting is the one that favors your daily activities. It is a brighter light installed in the form of pendant lighting, slim line bars, portable or desk/table lamps, and down-lights to highlight a particular function that is being carried out in the space.

This lighting is very helpful in spaces that are used on a sharing-basis, as you can simply use your personal task light to perform an activity without illuminating the entire area. 

Head over to our lighting guide for a complete step by step guide.

Now that we have discussed the types of lighting, do you have a clearer picture of how to use them in homes? 

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